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Windows XP End of Life

Come October 22nd, 2010, one of Microsoft’s most venerable operating systems, Windows XP, will no longer be sold to consumers. There is often a lot of confusion surrounding the phase out of a major OS, and Windows XP is no exception. Let’s look at a few aspects of Microsoft’s life cycle program and how it will affect your business.

No more support for Windows XP SP2 or Vista RTM

Microsoft will no longer be issuing updates for any flavor of Windows XP below Service Pack 3 or Vista machines without SP1. If you do not have Windows XP SP3 or Vista SP1 installed, you are no longer receiving critical security updates as of July 13th, 2010. For a business that relies on network-connected workstations, this may be a serious problem as any new vulnerabilities that are discovered in your system will not be patched by Microsoft. It’s estimated that around 30-45% of all Windows XP installations are below SP3 and will be vulnerable to attack.

Windows XP Support Still Available

For properly licensed systems and Microsoft Partners, support for Windows XP will continue until at least April 2014. However, you will still need to have the latest updates.

Windows XP Downgrade Still Available

For those still clinging to the old OS, you will continue to get Windows XP as a downgrade option when purchasing Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate OEM. This will only apply to new systems purchased with an OEM license.

Upgrading to Windows 7

We have found that most clients do not have a specific business requirement that would make sticking with Windows XP a good choice. Windows 7 provides enhanced security and productivity over earlier versions and is receiving great reviews.
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