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InfoTECH Brings Revolutionary New Technology Service, IT/365, to Southwest Louisiana Businesses

Are you too busy to manage your office’s network? When your computer system is down, your business is down. So what’s the next step? The dreaded call to your IT service provider – the phone call with questions no one in your office understands? Then there is the cost and lost time of having a technician come to repair the problem. But your expense goes beyond the technician—your employees are your largest financial investment, and while technicians are in your office fixing the computer network, employee productivity is shut down.
What if there was a way to prevent these problems without the hassle and with little or no distraction to yourself or your employees? What if your network could be monitored and you were warned about potential problems? What if these problems could be repaired without a visit from a technician?
InfoTECH has the solution—a managed service plan known as IT/365. This new service, a first in Lake Charles, enables us to monitor your network remotely for notifications, troubleshooting and routine maintenance. We will be able to find and resolve a problem when it begins, not when it has grown to a point where it shuts down your system.

How it works:

The first line of defense: Secure Monitoring

IT/365 includes free 24-hour monitoring of all the devices on your network, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This preventive measure ensures the health and performance of your business’s network. We can spot a virus, missed updates and many other emerging issues—before they become a problem.

How does monitoring work?

We install a secure probe program on each computer at your office, which enables us to monitor your entire network and allows us to see problem indicators, alerts and notifications that can be missed during a busy workday or because of lack of computer knowledge. After installation, we can monitor your system from our offices, and the monitoring element of IT/365 is free of charge. IT/365 monitoring gives our clients time to focus on their workload and not their computer issues. We can provide you with warnings, filter for false alarms and quickly fix the problems through virtual management, without interrupting you or your employees with an onsite visit.

In-depth reporting

As we monitor your office network, we also provide a wide range of reports for you to review. This also assists our technicians with a history of your network. The reports will help you visualize and understand the performance of your systems’ devices.

Preventive approach: Virtual Management

We all know that the best way to keep our cars running smoothly is through routine maintenance, such as an oil change or a tune up. Computers work in the same way. However, we also know it can be easy to miss an oil change and it is even easier to forget proper computer maintenance. Taking the time for proper computer maintenance, such as clearing your computer’s cookies, running a virus scan or defragging the hard drive can sometimes be impossible during a busy workday. Our virtual management service is a proactive approach toward managing and solving a network issue—before it has a critical impact on your business. In addition to monitoring, we can also perform routine tasks such as patch management and desktop optimization and remedy problems found through monitoring, such as disabling a virus. We can attack these issues directly through a live connection. You will even be able to see us moving the infected computer’s cursor as the work is being done.

What if my company already has an IT professional?

InfoTECH’s IT/365 can be a valuable tool for in-house IT professionals and will enhance their productivity. It can be challenging to constantly keep up with and constantly monitor and apply security or software updates. IT/365 can free an IT professional from the regular time-consuming monitoring and maintenance tasks to handle larger technological issues that will be beneficial to the company.

The benefits of IT/365

IT/365 allows a business to move from the inefficient “break-fix” model of computer maintenance to a proactive managed-service approach. Instead of waiting for the unexpected breakdown—when time, productivity and data can be lost—your systems are constantly monitored at no charge to detect any signs of potential trouble. Then, the InfoTECH team can take appropriate action to avert costly breakdowns. In addition, routine maintenance by InfoTECH – performed remotely without interrupting your employees – can ensure better performance and extend the useful life of your systems.
In the end, IT/365 can provide you with valuable information about your business’s computer usage—information that can help you manage and plan your IT needs into the future.
To find out more or get IT/365 setup at your place of business, call our office at 337-896-3681 or email us at