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IT/365 in Action

Since the launch of IT/365 at the beginning of September, we have had over 350 node installations.  Our team of Virtual System Administrators monitor all alerts that are raised by the system and decide what action should be taken.  With the historical data gathered by the IT/365 system in hand, our team can effectively manage all problems that arise.  We constantly check our monitoring sets, procedures, and alerting functions to ensure that we stay at the forefront of issues and errors that occur on our clients’ computers.
It has already saved many of our clients countless hours of lost productivity due to hardware and software problems that were caught before they became systemic issues.
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IT/365 is able to detect various hardware failures as they start to show symptoms on the monitored systems.  We have had three clients since the deployment of IT/365 whose RAID array started to fail and was working in a degraded, but operational state. The clients were not aware of the issues present on their system and the risk of data loss and/or downtime should just one more drive drop out of the array. IT/365 detected the fault and we were able to dispatch a technician on-site with replacement hardware ensuring only minimal downtime (less than 1 hour) and no data loss for each of them.
The cost of monitoring? Free.
The cost of sending a technician on-site to replace and repair a degraded array? Minimal compared to the cost of replacing a RAID array, reinstalling the Operating System, reinstalling and configuring your server-based applications, restoring your data from the most recent backup, not to mention the downtime of your workforce and the cost of re-entering data since the last backup.
Can you afford not to contact us about IT/365 to see how we can implement it in your business? 
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