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InfoTECH Joins SMB Cloud Champions Club

As more and more small businesses are turning towards Cloud Services to solve increasingly robust I.T. needs on diminishing budgets, InfoTECH is investing heavily in this market in order to provide the best cloud services to our clients. In fact, we’ve recently been recognized by Microsoft for our commitment to expert solutions with an invitation to join the U.S. SMB Cloud Champions Club. In addition to our normal Microsoft Partnerships and status as an authorized Microsoft Online Services reseller, the SMB Cloud Champions Club further extends our resources to assist and manage client deployments and migrations to BPOS and other online services.

How can cloud services help me?

Nearly all applications and services that used to mandate an on-premise server can now be performed in a distributed environment, potentially saving your business thousands of dollars on expensive hardware up-front and eliminating almost all of the normal upkeep costs associated with owning a server. Additionally, all of our providers, including Microsoft, have 99.9% uptime or better … a figure that is difficult and costly to achieve on your own.

What can I put in the cloud?

We offer the widest range of services from the top vendors, including Google and Microsoft. Some of the more common cloud services include:
  • Document management
  • Exchange E-mail
  • Online collaboration
  • Encryption and archiving
  • Spam and virus filtering
With other companies, the list of services might stop there. However, we take it a step further by offering custom solutions that are built on-demand specifically for your unique business application.

Where do I go from here?

We are excited about the opportunities provided by the cloud to our SMB clients and encourage business owners to review our quick introduction to cloud services. When you are ready to have an experienced team guide your company through the process, give us a call or send us a message for more details.