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2FA Bypass Instructions

Two-factor Authentication (2FA) is a high-security logon protection mechanism utilized by InfoTECH Solutions to protect our client’s networks from the types of compromises that plague most I.T. companies. While mostly transparent to the end-user, you may notice a change in the way you log in to your server(s). If you access company resources through a Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Terminal Services (TS), or Citrix environment, you may also see a slight change in the appearance of the logon prompts.

Logging in to a 2FA-Protected Server

In addition to the normal “Username” and “Password” fields present during logon to a Windows server, 2FA adds an additional field called Passcode. This refers to a combination PIN code + OTP that is entered by a user who possesses a properly keyed token. In many cases, our clients do not wish to use this additional mechanism and InfoTECH can grant a user access to a server without a token by placing his or her account in a special “override status”.
If your account is in override status, you can simply leave the “Passcode” field blank. If you aren’t sure about your account status, contact our office to speak with a 2FA specialist.