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Simple, worry-free backups with IT365

We are happy to announce the release of our latest off-site backup product: IT365 Online Backup. Part of our managed services, IT365:OB extends our previous off-site backup product with new features, lower costs, and faster uploads.
Like all of our managed services, IT365 Online Backup is monitored and managed by the InfoTECH Team. After a simple installation, we take all of your critical data and securely transmit it to our datacenter. All backups are monitored by our team for completion and integrity. In the event you lose a file or an entire computer, we can assist you with the restore and recovery process.
IT365 Online Backup now supports Mac OS X, Linux, and Novell systems. We’ve also introduced enhanced local backup and full image options, along with new compression methodologies which will result in lower storage costs and faster uploads.
Visit our Managed Services page to learn more about IT365 Online Backup.