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Data Breach and HIPAA Compliance

There was a recent data breach at a dental clinic, Advantage Dental, that leaked 151,000 of its customers’ sensitive data. Advantage Dental, like many small businesses, started with just one office and has grown to become a chain of dental clinics servicing the state of Oregon with many locations.
Their security was compromised on February 23, 2015 by malware on a workstation, and it was not detected by the Intrusion Detection system until three days later. The attackers were able to compromise an employee’s computer on the network through malware that had infected the system. A keylogger in the malware was then able to capture an employee’s username and password to their client database, which allowed the attackers to access all of their client data. It is thought that the attackers were able to access data such as patient names, dates of birth, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and home addresses. All of this data would easily allow the attackers to steal the identity of any Advantage Dental’s patient. Advantage Dental is now paying for credit monitoring and identity theft monitoring for all of their affected patients. This attack was also considered a breach of HIPAA compliance.
Advantage Dental still considers themselves lucky, because the computer and employee’s credentials that were compromised did not have access to financial data and money transaction services. Had the malware been on another computer or had compromised a different employee, repercussions could have been far worse. This breach demonstrates how one computer infected with malware can be a threat to an entire network and business.
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