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Microsoft Update Causing Reboot Loop

On Tuesday (3/10/2015) Microsoft released a patch (KB3033929) that had the potential to cause a system to continually reboot while attempting to apply the update. It has already affected a number of Windows 7 users and potentially many Windows Server 2008 R2 systems.
If you have selected one of our IT/365 Plan packages, plan 2 or above, we have taken necessary precautions and have not allowed this update to be installed on your systems until a new patch has been released by Microsoft.
You may experience this issue if you have Automatic Updates enabled on your system. If you feel you are currently experiencing this issue please call 1-877-896-3681.
If you are not subscribed to our IT/365 Managed Service (Plan 2 or higher) contact for more information.
Also, feel free to reach out to our Accounts Executive, Josh Cormie, if you have any other questions—such as upgrading from Windows Server 2003—at