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Tips for Fighting Ransomware

Over the past several months, InfoTECH Solutions has been working diligently to prepare for and protect against the latest rash of encryption-based viruses. Encryption-based viruses can be very sneaky and difficult to detect and in most cases not discovered until the damage is already done.
An Encryption Virus attacks files directly on a server and/or desktop and renders the files unusable due to the complex algorithm locking them down. The viruses come in many forms and shapes including but not limited to zip, exe, pdf and many more types of files transmitted through email or other communication type services.

Ransomware quick breakdown:

  • Over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed a significant increase in the occurrences of these types of attacks.
  • The attack can come from a trusted associate, do not open attachments that are not expected. Call user to confirm attachment.
  • The attack can come from official sources like banks, UPS, FedEx, USPS, eFax, etc…
  • Local backups with disconnected and rotated media (tapes/external hard drives) are effective.
  • Our IT/365 Business Continuity Appliance has proven multiple times to aid in recovery.
  • Our IT/365 Online Backup has also proven itself effective in recovery from these attacks.
  • Not all backups are created equal. Some backups are not effective against this type of attack.
  • Data that is targeted by these attacks is encrypted with a non-reversible method and irretrievable.
  • The virus always requires end user action (open attachment, download file from website, etc…) to infect a machine. User education is #1 deterrent.
The Wall Street Journal has a good article about it today on Yahoo News.
If you feel your business may be at risk or that your backup solution is not adequate, call our office and we will schedule a time for a risk assessment. Have a GREAT weekend!
Account Executive
Josh Cormie