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2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season has begun. It has a forecast of below-average activity in the form of only 3 to 6 hurricanes. With the memory Gustav, Rita, and even Katrina getting further behind us, it is important not to become complacent with our preparations.
Every year around this time we like to remind clients how important it is to ensure their data is properly protected in the form of a bulletproof backup and disaster recovery system. There is a long list of precautions you can take to ensure your data is safe during an extreme weather event, but none of them are substitute for a proper Business Continuity solution.
While backup is crucial to securing your business’s data, it’s not enough to keep you operational. Make sure that your solution can also recover your data and systems quickly and enable you to operate your business without missing a beat, from anywhere!
InfoTECH Solutions achieves this for our clients through our IT/365 Business Continuity solution. It is a cost effective system that provides comprehensive backup, disaster recovery/avoidance, and operational continuity for mission-critical I.T. systems. We provide a high performance appliance that sits in your office for quick restores and combine it with off-site storage and instant recovery in two bi-coastal datacenters.
Best of all, our Business Continuity solution is designed (and priced) for small businesses!