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Enhance Productivity with Google Apps

Here at InfoTECH, we are constantly looking for the best solutions to meet the unique needs of our small business clients. We already have an extensive product offering that can help enhance the productivity of your workers and streamline your business, but we wouldn’t be successful as an IT company if we didn’t stay on the cutting edge to provide the latest IT tools. In keeping with this spirit, we have partnered with Google to become an authorized reseller of Google Apps!
As an authorized reseller, InfoTECH has gone through extensive review to ensure we are fully prepared to efficiently and expertly deliver Google Apps to your business.
Google Apps is an innovative and low-cost solution to the messaging and collaboration needs of businesses. Comprised of dozens of individual applications such as GMail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and many more, Google Apps allows users to collaborate from anywhere, at anytime. Google Apps can replace or enhance your current e-mail, calendar, document management, collaboration, and instant messaging systems.
  • Proven cost savings – Google’s web-based applications require no hardware or software.
  • Mobile email and calendar sync – Employees can be productive on the go.
  • Document management – Easily share or secure company documents anywhere.
  • Enhanced collaboration – Video chat with employees and collaborate on projects in real-time.
  • 50X more storage than industry average – 25GB of email storage per employee.
  • Data security and trust – Google’s network is designed from the ground up with security in mind.
  • Backed by the InfoTECH team – Like all our products, Google Apps is backed by our dedicated team of specialists who will help plan, implement, and maintain your deployment.
Is Google Apps the right choice to replace your existing e-mail and collaboration systems? Contact one of our specialists today and let us find the right solution for you: 337-896-3681 or